In this nineteenth year since terrorists attacked America, the nation is reeling from another form of evil called the Coronavirus. Christina Stanton is a living, breathing embodiment of surviving both. She survived the yellow dust that engulfed her and her husband while running from the collapsing twin towers, and in the process grew in faith and learned to trust in God. She built a foundation on which she would face yet another evil, COVID-19, and more than two weeks in the ICU. Nearly a generation separates the two catastrophes, but Stanton sees her pain and suffering as a gift. Yes, a gift. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Stanton, an author and speaker, reflects on the faith that came about only because of 9/11, and how it confirms to her that God will make good come out of whatever evil comes our way. Now with lingering health issues from both events, Stanton writes of God in an op-ed saying, "...through these experiences, I discovered that while we can't escape suffering, there is comfort and hope in his presence in the midst of pain, God can use suffering to accomplish good, and we can trust in our sovereign God."