Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) Senior Senator from Wisconsin spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the recent trip by President Trump to Kenosha Wisconsin to visit damaged businesses from riots. Saying,

"What I've seen is probably on an exact count, a few dozen businesses completely burned down and the rest of the downtown boarded up. And, you know, you ask what strikes me the most? You know, people keep talking about peaceful protests. Fine. It's a constitutional First Amendment right to free speech. But we need to understand, is these protests continue or if they continue, they also can be a violation of other people's constitutional right to be able to earn a living, operate a business. They become a siege on a community."

Senator Johnson also commented about the state of the 2020 Presidential race in Wisconsin. Saying,

"I'd say it's a toss up. I just think it's a tossup right now. And I think the president is surging. He's improving because of the silence and the fact that Democrats and Joe Biden simply can't bring themselves to criticize their supporters who are creating all this mayhem and all this destruction. It's not a pretty sight."

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