Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton (R) spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about the RNC Convention and Nancy Pelosi’s comments saying there shouldn’t be any debates between Biden & Trump. Senator Cotton said,

“Guy I served with, Nancy Pelosi six years ago in the House of Representatives. Let me just say, I think she’s lost a step. She always was radical. And in recent performances, I would say that she’s lost a step now on the question of debates. Guy Nancy Pelosi is still a shrewd politician, though she has lost that. She is worried that if Joe Biden steps on that debate stage, Donald Trump is going to expose his radical agenda, the kind of things he did when talking about his conviction of opening our borders and giving health care to illegal aliens while they take away your health care on the job. To say nothing of tax raising taxes by four trillion dollars while we’re slashing defense spending. That’s what she knows will happen if Joe Biden steps on that debate stage with Donald Trump.”

Listen To The Full Interview Below: