John Pence: There Is Freedom Of Expression in America, Not “Freedom Of Destruction”

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, John Pence, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor and nephew of Vice President Mike Pence, discussed how he thinks Joe Biden is turning his back on those who keep Americans safe, while the Trump/Pence ticket looks to support law enforcement.

“Joe Biden, unfortunately, until I guess about a couple hours ago when he popped his head out of the basement, he’s turned his back on law enforcement in recent months. And I think the American people are not going to put up with that. This President won’t allow that. And we want to stop the violence, period. And we respect, as all Americans do, the freedom of expression. But there’s not a freedom of destruction in America. And I’m proud of the President from the very onset and seen the the rise of riots and looting and to say you know what, we backed the blue as Republicans and as President, he’s going to continue to do that. And that’s the right thing to do.”