Scott Walker, Former Governor of Wisconsin spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the violent riots in Kenosha Wisconsin. Walker said,

"Well, this is could very well be one of those turning points, and I should add, public safety shouldn't be a political issue. It should be something that when you need it, it shouldn't matter where you're Democrat, liberal, conservative. We should rally there and protect people. But sadly, it it I think it will become that because why have to believe a good number of the particularly the undecided voters. But across the spectrum, people are troubled about what they saw. George Floyd. They're troubled with this video, even if there's more to it than just that. They understand that they do want action, which I thought Tim Scott articulated, which I thought he actually gave one of the best speeches ever. Not just this convention in general, but particularly when he went after Senate Democrats, as he has in the past, saying they were more interested in keeping this issue alive than actually passing meaningful reform of law enforcement."

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