On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, RNC speaker and former NFL player Jack Brewer discussed how this week’s convention speakers will show that the Democratic Party has taken the African-American voted for granted.

“Herschel Walker knows the President, known him for thirty-seven years. It’s like any friend, you know if someone has your back, you’re going to have their back and you’re not going to sit around and let people make false statements about them or call them names. And so that’s what this is about, and particularly Black America is waking up to that and it is scary for the Democrats. They’ve been able to really just depend upon the Black vote without doing anything to help the people. And look, every inner city is ran by a Democrat, and they had the most issues of any demographic in the country. And our kids are hurting. Our public school system isn’t working for them. Our reading proficiency level and math proficiency levels are worse than some Third World countries. And it’s just sad. At some point, you got to stop voting for personality preference and start voting for policies that are going to help our kids and our grandkids.”