The Republican National Convention kicked off on Monday focusing on the theme of “The Great American Story.” The first night highlighted President Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, his “America First” agenda and a surprise appearance from the President with some of the hostages that were freed under his administration. FOX News Radio’s National Correspondent and FOX News Political Analyst Josh Kraushaar recap some of the big moments from the first night of the convention.

Kim Klacik is one of the Republicans who got some spotlight Monday night at the Republican National Convention. The Black Republican, who is running for Congress in a Democratic heavy district in Maryland, went viral recently after she released an ad highlighting the rundown streets she would represent. Kim Klacik joins to discuss why she’s running for office, her views on Black Lives Matter and what she has in mind for the future of Baltimore.

Plus, commentary by Chris Hahn, syndicated radio host and former aide to Sen. Chuck Schumer.