Katie Pavlich, Editor for Townhall.com & Fox News Contributor spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the RNC Convention and former GOP Arizona Senator Jeff Flake endorsement of Joe Biden. Saying,

"I think it's mostly Beltway intrigue. President Trump's Republican support is stronger than it was in 2016. And I would say if you look at what John Kasich said about his endorsement of Joe Biden, he admitted that it wasn't about policy, it was about character and personality. And I think the average American will look at that and say, well, in terms of what the left is standing up for and what they're failing to condemn, I'm not willing to be held hostage to the burning and writing of our cities, higher taxes, worse off health care, and allowing China to just roughshod over the world for the sake of Jeff Flake, who was going to lose his reelection."

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