The recent deaths of Rep. John Lewis and Herman Cain represents something larger than the loss of two prominent Black politicians, although that is significant. The two men represent diverging paths of the Black vote. Lewis a Democrat, Cain a Republican. Both men are sons of the South and faithful believers in Jesus Christ; benefiting from the political power wielded by the Black Church, which historically favored the Democratic party. But in 2020, African Americans are benefitting from the hard-fought Civil Rights battles of the generations before, that of Lewis’s and Cain’s. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Dr. Tony Evans, author, radio and TV broadcaster and megachurch pastor, reflects on the roles these two men have played in several years of politics and civil discourse. But looking forward, Evans is also a prominent voice for “Our Church Votes,” a movement aimed at Evangelical churches to register members to vote their biblical values; to know the issues and each party’s platform. Evans wants Christians to know that, “God created government. So, if you leave God out of government, not only does it demean God’s name, it demeans God’s policies. And that will always lead to chaos.” And that, he says, is what appears to be happening in our world today.