Mara Liasson, National political correspondent for NPR & Fox News Contributor spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the DNC's biggest speeches so far. Saying,

"Yeah, I agree. I think there've been moments that were really important. I think Michelle Obama's keynote speech on Monday was really important, sending a really important message to people who she said were just like her and hate politics. But I think that what we have is the convention kind of stripped down to their essence, as they always were, infomercials, except that they were real people there and they were doing real things. And sometimes those real things, including dissenting or having disagreements. And that's all been wiped away by the virtual convention. So I guess I'm waiting to see what the polls will show, ask Thursday night. I don't think Biden is going to get anything like the bounce that previous candidates have gotten out of their conventions. We know that viewership is down. Of course, that's been a trend that's been happening over many, many years."

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