Byron York, Chief political correspondent, Washington Examiner spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the left's wild Postal Service conspiracy theory. Saying,

"Well, the claim is that the president is deliberately slowing down mail delivery and crippling the post office so it cannot handle this anticipated flood of ballots in a voting by mail presidential election. Barack Obama has said Trump is trying to kneecap the postal service. And Nancy Pelosi, who has called her House back in session later this week to deal with this, has called it an attempt to sabotage the post office. So a couple of things. The post office is perfectly prepared to handle a flood of ballots. The post office delivered one hundred and forty two point five billion pieces of mail in fiscal 2019. Four hundred and seventy one million pieces of mail per day. Now, this year, it's done even more because it delivered census forms and stimulus checks. That's about 450 million pieces of mail. There is no way in national presidential election would involved anywhere near that amount of mail, even if every single person voted by mail, which they won't. Now, the question about the post office, the Postal Service's finances, it's going broke for a long and losing money for a long time, and they periodically ask for bailouts. Like many other government and private enterprises, they say they've suffered badly during the pandemic. And earlier this year, the previous Obama appointed postmaster asked for seventy five billion dollars from Congress. What they got in the first stimulus act, not stimulus, the coravirus Relief Act, was the ability or permission to borrow ten billion dollars. So that's in the law. They say they've got that money. If they want to borrow it, then. And in the big three trillion dollar relief act that the House has passed, but the Senate won't pass it. It proposes a 25 billion dollar bailout for the post office. But this doesn't have anything to do with the election. It doesn't say anything about that. You can read the bill written by House Democrats."

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