Former Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker (R) spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about John Kasich's (R) upcoming speech at the DNC convention. Walker said,

"He thought his path to the presidency was being elected and reelected as governor of Ohio. And then when that didn't happen, he was so ticked off, he actually begged them to have the convention in Cleveland. They did. And a lot of the civic and business leaders four years ago were really miffed that at a minimum, he didn't even come to welcome the delegates. That's because John thinks that he should have been president. And he's just upset about it. And so that's really what this is, is more just lashing out at someone who took away, realistically, his last viable option to do that. And, you know, in the same way that back in November, in 2004, he had a Democrat speaking on behalf of George W. Bush most severely forgotten about that former Governor Zell miller. You know, John, as John as John. He's on CNN. When he got announced there, they said he was going to be the Republican commentator. I said, well, who's going to take the voice of the Republicans then? Because, you know, John took the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. He's done a number of other things. I get along with him fine, but it just wasn't a shock to me. If it was one of the other governors, I'd be more shocked. But this is just more personal than anything."

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