Chris Stirewalt, Politics Editor for spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the state of the 2020 race. Stirewalt broke down the latest polling before the Political Conventions. Saying,

"let's throw the states real quickly into it, because some tears so pinker then probably what you're describing are Georgia and Texas. Two states are competitive, but the traditional lean in the states for Republicans and the historical voting registration, all of those things add up to if Democrats can. If Georgia really is competitive in the end, the Republicans have lost so many other states, given their right, that it's like, oh, it's sort of old. When Obama won Indiana, it was like, oh, that's surprising. You know? I mean, like it. Well, OK. And that means the Democratic rout is on. Then the states in the next tier, Arizona, Iowa, you know, North Carolina. So these are states that Trump won and won pretty handily that are now this. They are trying to hold on to pink. Arizona is looking pretty bad for the Republicans overall. Trump is maybe in part being brought down. They have a weak Senate candidate because of a weak Senate candidate out there that may be compounding the problem. Joe Arpaio is probably compounding the problem. But the Republicans in Trump in those four states is having those debates. He's having trouble where he shouldn't be. Ohio, he won Iowa. He won in big boom, wins North Carolina wasn't that close. Arizona was that close. Now they're all close. Now they're all competitive. And the race is really on. And then you would move into the next tier of swing states, Wisconsin, Wisconsin is probably of these the most Republican. I might even bring it over to the pink you, but I think just pure purple. Yeah, it's it's Trump's best shot of those states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Wisconsin is probably Trump's best shot, but Michigan and Pennsylvania look real bad for the Republicans right now. So I think that's the way to think of it. Oh, Florida is also pinkish, as befits the Flamingo, which is the right color for salad dressing. Florida, also Florida also just a Trump won. Not by much, but that a point. Right. Yeah. And seems to be going the wrong way for him. So I think that I think that's about the batching of it right now."

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