A Father's role in today's culture has been more or less sidelined at worst, or undefined at best. But Author Tyler Rowley says a Father's faith is critical to a child developing his or her own faith. A father's faith that is lived out not just in words but in deeds in everyday life, has a tremendous impact on his children. Even when a mother's faith in Jesus is strong, if the father's faith is weak or non-existent, the child will drift from the faith. In his book "Because of Our Fathers," Rowley has collected the testimonies of 23 devoted Catholics who draw a straight line from their faith to that of their fathers; like St. John Paul II, the first Polish pope, who as a young boy, watched his widowed father on his knees in prayer daily; or John Castillo, whose son lost his life confronting two shooters at his high school. His faith strong because of not only his father's but his grandfather's faith. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith, we shine a light on the power and purpose of father's with strong faith. We also look at what happens when a father has no faith, and the sometimes tragic results that follow for the lives of his children. Father's have a crucial role in rearing children. Rowley wants them to know they must take their stand and be defenders of the faith. Their children's lives depend on it.