“They Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) After Being Sanctioned By The China’s Communist Party

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton (R) spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson after being Sanctioned by the China’s Communist Party. Sen. Cotton responded to the sanctions by saying,

“I’ve got news for the Chinese Communist Party if they think that my actions to date have warranted sanctions, just wait because they ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Cotton also said,

“But it’s important to note that China is not coming after me. I’m just in the way because I’m defending all those people who have been hurt by the Chinese Communist Party, the millions of Americans who’ve either gotten sick or died or have loved ones sick or died from this virus. Tens of millions have lost their jobs because of it. Before this virus, the millions of Americans who lost their jobs as China took our factories or our businesses and inventors who had their property stolen by China.”

Listen To The Full interview Below: