On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox Nation's Johnny "Joey" Jones discussed why could cause President Trump to lose the 2020 election, and it has nothing to do with Joe Biden's ability to win.

"Every day that Joe Biden is leading in the polls is his 'alive day,' because if he's speaking and winning, then he is surviving, and I've got to give him credit for that. We have an element of that with Trump, you never know what he's going tweet, you never know where it's going to come from. But it's almost always you're sitting there going, he did that on purpose, didn't he? He really did make all those people mad because tomorrow's the big reveal and it all makes sense. That's how it works out with Trump. With Biden, it's just, what is he thinking about? Where is this coming from? And my only concern is it's going to be so normalized by the time these debates run around, it's going to be a non-factor. And I worry about that more than anything."

"I think Biden just was the only person that was palatable to all their subgroups and their big tent. And I give him credit for that. The only way Trump loses the election is if Trump loses the election and coronavirus might be that might be that pill that that does that. But Biden is not going to win this election. And I don't think anyone thinks that either."