Howard Kurtz- host of Fox News Channel's "MediaBuzz" spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about how TV Networks are preparing covrage for this years DNC & RNC Poltical party conventions. Kurtz predicted that given this years scaled down conventions, ratings will be down. Kurtz said, "The immediate impact is that I don't have to go to Milwaukee or Charlotte. So it's actually a relief in this current environment. Look, people have been criticizing the conventions and non pandemic times for years. Every four years. It's like a ritual because they have become more like completely scripted infomercials. The drama generally has been drained. Nobody cares what the platform fights, by and large, anymore. And the big events are a big keynote speaker, the V.P. address and the rest of the presidential nominee and of course, in this case, president. So I think this just sort of accelerates that. I think a lot of the I think the ratings will be down. I think a lot of the drama will be drained. But ultimately and, you know, the sense of excitement, you know, there is evidence, it's often short lived, but there is evidence that a successful convention well package will produce a good TV show, can give a candidate anywhere from a bump of five to seven points, all that often dissipates. I think all anyone will care about this year will be the big speeches by the presidential nominees. And a lot of the rest of it will be a lot of there'll be more time for talking heads, which we know America needs more of."

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