It's a tumultuous summer in America. The United States has surpassed 150,000 recorded Covid-19 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. At the same time, many major American cities have seen weeks unrest and spikes in violent crimes. Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott and New Jersey Democratic Congressman Andy Kim (D-3) discuss how Congress is trying to find common ground and work on sensible solutions to America's multiple challenges.

Federal agents have been clashing with protestors outside Portland's Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse for weeks. But after negotiations with acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, Oregon's Democratic Gov. Kate Brown now says those federal officers will begin a "phased withdrawal" from the city's downtown. Earlier this week, Fox News Correspondent William La Jeunesse spent a night spent inside that federal courthouse as it was attacked. La Jeunesse describes what he witnessed.

Plus, commentary by Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov.