On Fox Acorss America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) talks about how the American people want to hear about how Congress plans to keep them safe and financially secure and not "contrived compassion.

"If there's no place to go back to work, people aren't going to go back to work. And if you're paying them to stay home, they're not going to go back to work. So it's the Democrats they focus on this this notion of we feel your pain, we love you, we're empathetic. But they never can give you a policy that will actually support their supposed or contrived compassion."

"You know what people want? They want to have some safety, some security, some predictability. They want to be able to get a job. They want to be able to keep that job, work at it, live their lives, support their families, support their their dreams. And the Democrats don't have a plan for that. Republicans produced the plan, and people think that 'you guys are heartless because you want people to go back to work.' But that's what most Americans want."