“God is eternal,” and everything else is temporary. That includes the Coronavirus, loss of jobs, relationships, even our homes. None of us want to be tested in losing those vitally important things in our lives. But the Bible assures us that putting our faith in God will help us navigate those stormy waters and come out stronger and better for it. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Dr. David Jeremiah, author and founder of Turning point, an international Christian ministry, talks about his heartfelt thoughts on “Sheltering in God,” a book he was compelled to write as the world grapples with the COVID-19 shutdown, and millions of people dealt with (and are still dealing with) the loss of so many routine activities. Dr. Jeremiah says that although he can’t explain why God has allowed a pandemic to wreak havoc throughout the globe, he does remind us of what God has done; that the Bible is filled with God’s victories over difficult times. And ultimately, that the “Battle belongs to the Lord.”