Juan Williams, FNC Political Analyst & Co-Host of the Five spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the 2020 election. Williams weighed into the Joe Biden Vice President speculation saying,

"I am an addict for polls. And the polls show very clearly that Elizabeth Warren would be the logical pick here. But you've got to understand, there's pressure to select a black woman. Black woman made Joe Biden's campaign this year in the Democratic Party primaries beginning in South Carolina and carrying on black women had been the base of the party. Jim Clyburn, who was so important in terms of his endorsement of Biden, said he'd like it to be a black woman. Not a deal breaker, but it would be nice. So if you get past the fact that Elizabeth Warren is number one even among black voters and say, you know what, you want to make sure you energize that minority vote for you. And I think we see that even today in Biden's prescriptions about trying to help the economic activity in the black community, the Latino community, then I think you come to. Is it a matter of Kamela Harris, the senator from California? Is it a matter of Susan Rice, the former national security adviser, who has a very close relationship with Biden from having worked in the Obama White House? Or is it Karen Bass, the former? Head of the California Assembly, who is now a congresswoman and head of the Congressional Black Caucus. I think those are your three top candidates right there."

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