On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, constitutional scholar and author of "Defender In Chief" John Yoo explains why the Electoral College needs to be preserved despite the calls from some Democrats to eliminate it,

"Let's look at the Electoral College. It does seem to grate on the sensibilities of people who would just like to have a national election for one person and majority wins. But our Constitution and our founders were suspicious of mass democracy. They wanted everything to be done slower. They want everyone to think about things. They wanted people to deliberate and argue. And so the idea the Electoral College is that it's still primarily a voice of the people. The other thing the founders thought is they wanted the president to represent the broad diversity of the country. They didn't want the president to be elected by just campaigning in the five biggest cities in the country. They didn't want it to just be New York City, L.A., Chicago and Houston to decide."