On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, National Press Secretary for the Trump 2020 Campaign Hogan Gidley explained how President Trump is making life-saving decisions every day like the one to cancel the RNC convention ins Jacksonville, FL.

"The fact is the President's decisions here save lives. And make no mistake, you're talking one hundred and forty-plus thousand people dead in this country. This is a travesty and a tragedy beyond beyond belief. Everyone still working overtime to make sure that no more Americans get sick, that they don't spread it, they don't die from it. And the numbers are starting to turn around. And that's good news. But the fact is we're facing a tough one here. And the President, he went right to that podium, expressed it directly to the American people that it's going to get worse before it gets better. And that's the type of honesty we've come to know and love and respect from Donald Trump. And there aren't many leaders who stand up in front of that press corps and give sobering, somber news. They like to get up there and glad hand for a ribbon cutting or a trade deal, but this man does all of them. When it's got tough news to deliver, he wants to do it directly to let them know he's got their back."