One of the hardest lessons in the Bible we face is the reality that we are all sinners and “fall short of the glory of God.” Intellectually we get it; praise it, and preach it. But if we all know it’s true, then why is there a Black Lives Matter movement? Why is it necessary? Why is it so hard to see someone of a different race as fellow image bearers? It’s because all of us are prone to sins we aren’t event aware of or even recognize as sin; it’s the “crouching tiger,” concealed from even our peripheral vision. And one of the biggest sins that remains hidden to us as bot individuals and as a society is racism. The political phrase today is “systemic racism,” but that doesn’t begin to explain its origins. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Dr. Jim Denison, author, biblical scholar, pastor and founder of the online platform “The Denison Forum,” talks about the Bible and racism, and how Jesus’s teachings, if we really take them to heart, would end this scourge that has become a gaping wound in America’s soul. Both Dr. Denison and I reveal personal experiences about racial encounters we’ve both had, and how some have been scarring while others have brought healing. We both agree that the Gospel is the only source of wisdom for a world battling this sin of the heart.