Andrew McCarthy, Fox News Contributor, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney For Southern District Of NY spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the charges filed against the St. Louis couple defending home from mob. McCarthy said,

"Well, I think, Guy, you know, you have a collision between two things. One is in most jurisdictions, and this includes Missouri. It's a crime to brandish a weapon. And if that's all you hear that in a vacuum, they brandish the weapon. You can understand, you know, the prosecutorial impulse to charge that. But and this is a big but you have a constitutional right to self-defense and to use, to have firearms for that purpose. And under the law of Missouri, they have what they call the castle doctrine. That you're allowed to protect your home and your family. These were people who were trespassing on their property. And if you take a practical step back from this, the attorney general of the state has moved to dismiss the local prosecutor in St. Louis, his case. And the governor has said that if they bring the case, they've got that he's going to pardon the people who get charged if they're unable to dismiss the case through the courts, which I think they'll probably be able to. So you have to ask, what is this local prosecutor trying to prove? There's a very strong defense in the case. It's therefore the kind of case that should have been brought in the first place. The top state prosecutor says don't bring it in. The governor says if you bring it, I'm going to pardon. And she's proceeding with the case anyway. It seems very, very political."

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