Dr. Ronny Jackson: We Shouldn’t Have To Worry About Kids Going Back To School

On Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla, Dr. Ronny Jackson, who is now the GOP nominee for Texas’ 13th Congressional District after being White House Physician, discussed the controversies over schools trying to reopen in the fall.

“The reality is people that say they’re worried about the kids. We know you don’t need to be worried about the kids. For the most part, kids don’t get this. And if they do get it, they don’t get sick from it. That’s one of the things we know at this point. If they’re going home and they got elderly parents or grandparents, we’ve got to make considerations for that they’ve got to be careful. But we shouldn’t be worried about the kids when they go to school. They’re not they’re they’re not the concern here.”

“I think that it does risk to their psyche, obviously, they need they need that social engagement, especially younger kids. It’s important. It’s a large part of why we send our kids to school and we don’t do everything, even now we could, for the most part online. Plus, a lot of folks need their kids to be at school so that they can go to their go to work. Kids not going to school impacts a lot of parents’ ability to work this fall in their day and they count on that they carry on that. I think that our kids need to be in school.”

“The focus was flatten the curve. And then suddenly whenever the curve got flattened and it looks like we were getting beyond this and we’re getting people back to work and potentially going to get him back to school, suddenly the focus changed from flatten the curve to eradicate the disease. That ain’t going to happen. If we can eradicate the disease, we wouldn’t even have an economy anymore if we if we shut things down until that’s done. We have to take a reasonable approach to this. There’s risk to everything, but the risk to this is pretty small for most folks. I’m not telling people there aren’t at-risk groups, there are. But for most of us out there, we should get on with our lives and go back to work and go back to school. And we have to or we just we won’t have an economy left anymore.”