Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst & Host of "Liberty File" on Fox Nation spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the Supreme Court's decisions on causes related to President Trump's Taxes. Judge Napolitano summarized the decisions. Saying,

"So we have two cases. One is a criminal investigation brought by the district attorney in New York City of the president before he was president. And the district attorney persuaded a grand jury to subpoena the president's financial records, not from him, but from his accountants. That's one case. The other case is three subpoenas by various congressional committees looking for his tax records. One pursuant to a statute that authorizes the rules committee to get it. The other two are. So it's a claims of oversight. The allegation being that the IRS is giving the president claver treatment and they wanted to see if this was happening. The outcomes are essentially the same, which is the president does not have immunity from an investigation by a state official. By the way, that is novel, a state official. When I talk about a federal official, a state official investigating a sitting president. The president claimed immunity not only from prosecution, but from investigation. The other is that if Congress makes a specified showing up a legislative purpose, which, according to the Supreme Court, could not do because it was not asked to do that by a trial judge, then Congress can get the president's tax right. That's the practical effect of that latter decision to put off any potential revelation of his tax records until after Election Day."

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