Interior Secretary David Bernhardt On What The Trump Administration Is Doing To Protect Monuments & Statues

Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about the Trump Administration’s efforts to protect monuments & statues. Secretary Bernhardt explained what a pair of executive orders by the President accomplish in protecting monuments & statues, that have recently been under attack by violent protesters. Saying,

“Like many in America, the president saw these attacks on our monuments and memorials, and it was extremely troubled by them. And he took bold action in a couple of ways. First, for the bad actors. He made very clear that we would investigate and fully prosecute these actions. And gave me some additional assistance in protecting these great memorials. And we’ve already been arresting people left and right.”

Bernhardt also said,

“The president has really taken bold action on July 3rd. He basically took some bold action to remind us of the exceptional individuals in our country who have produced the greatest country in the world and said we need to emphasize the ideals that make us such a great nation. And so what he did is he recognizes that part of America’s present greatness is its past sacrifices. He recognizes that statutes are silent teachers in the form of stone and metal. And he has directed that we created a task force, which I’m leading and directed us to develop options for him, for the creation of an American Heroes Park, a National Guard, and if you will. And in that, we will place those great Americans that, you know, merit gratitude for the accomplishments and sacrifices they made as exceptional beings and. And that we want to highlight for their service to the nation.”

Listen To The Full Conversation Below: