It was a violent July 4th weekend in many cities including New York and Chicago who had a spate of shootings. This following President Trump's push for "Law and Order" in the country following the death of George Floyd, the call to defund the police and the tearing down of historical statues across the nation. Democratic Strategist Juan Williams and Fox News Contributor Marc Thiessen weigh in on the violent weekend, President Trump's response to it and how this will all impact the 2020 election.

Coronavirus is on the rise in 41 states and in almost every one of them the percentage of people testing positive has increased as well. Many cases are mild and patients recover in a few weeks, but others can be worse. Ann Wallace, an associate professor at New Jersey City University, battled the COVID-19 for more than 100 days. Wallace discusses her long fight, her thoughts on schools going back in the fall and the debate over masks.

Plus, commentary by former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee.