Josh Kraushaar, Politics Editor at National Journal & Fox News Radio Political Analyst spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the state of the 2020 election. Kraushaar gave his take on how the race would play out if the November election was held today. Saying,

"If the election was held today, Republicans almost to a tee would expect Trump to lose and the Senate would be very much in jeopardy."

Kraushaar attributed Trump's grim reelection odds at his inability to stay on message. Saying,

"Trump, you know, sometimes he can step on his own best moments. And this past weekend, I think, is sort of a case in point. He gave what I thought was actually a very good patriotic speech at Mount Rushmore, the one that got his opponents very riled up and got them to say all kinds of things that are pretty extreme, like, you know, suggesting that that maybe Washington and Jefferson monuments and the honoring of our founding fathers should be rethought of by by some leading Democratic politicians, including Senator Tammy Duckworth. On CNN this past weekend, but the same 24 hours later after he got, you know, at least his base energized with a pretty solid speech. He goes in tweets attacking Bubba Wallace and attacking NASCAR for prohibiting the Confederate flag at its events. I mean, this is the you know, the president lately has never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

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