On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov discussed why President Trump's incumbency could be too big a hurdle for Joe Biden to jump, especially if the economy comes roaring back.

"Betting against an incumbent, even if this incumbent is polling where Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford were, isn't a good idea and four months is a lifetime in politics. I think the economy is his only potential saving grace at this point."

"I would rather be Joe Biden at this moment than Donald Trump, but I certainly still think it's feasible that he pulls it out. Incumbency is hugely powerful and the economy. I hope that it turns around. I mean, we still have twenty five million Americans who lost their jobs during this who haven't gotten their jobs back, so I'm thrilled five million did. But there are a lot more people that need to get back to work, and then some, so I do hope it turns around."