On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) talks about why the country needs to get back to work faster the despite the warnings of a possible second coronavirus wave, and why he compares Democrats trying to use Russia to criticize President Trump to "the zombie apocalypse."

"I can couch it this way. I think on November 5th, there's going to be a miraculous reopening of the economy i f the Democrats were to win. That's what will happen. We finally flatten the curve and every other made up goalpost. It's all been achieved. Yeah, it's amazing what a little though a little thing like an election will do for you."

"I think more of (Democrats and Russia), quite frankly, as the zombie apocalypse where the Russian story just never dies, no matter how many times you've killed it, no matter how many times it's been proven to be dead, it still rises and is coming after you. And that's the way I viewed it. And so on one hand, you want to admire their persistence, but then the other hand you realize that there's probably some shock therapy or some therapy that's necessary. You used the term sociopath, I think so."