On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Medical Correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel explained why it's important for schools to reopen and teachers go back to work, especially on the university level.

"I want schools open. Let's stop cavorting at bars so that we can open schools. Let's decrease the amount of virus in the community. I'll tell you why I want to open universities because universities are separate. They could be their own quarantine. We're not worried about kids and young adults getting this virus very often because they don't get that sick. We're worried about it spreading to people. So we have to test everybody going in and maybe we should self quarantine. Let's self quarantine people for a couple weeks before we allow them there. Let's test them on arrival. Let's have plenty of screening going on during the year. We want to protect our teachers much as we want to protect our doctors. I think that teachers are providing essential services. I don't want to tell them what to do. But to me, a teacher is like a doctor. And I think they are very committed people overall. And I think we should protect them. But I also think we need to put them back to work."