On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) discussed what the House Freedom Caucus intends to do about the destruction of historical monuments and how Democrats seems to be supporting the vandalism happening across the country.

"The police do their job because somebody violates the law and is doing damage to what you see all across our screens now. And I think the Democrats are taking the black vote for granted. And I think they're trying to somehow justify the lawless behavior that's going on as reparations for what's been done for the past 230 years in their opinion. And I just disagree with that. You know, we're a nation of laws and you stop bad behavior and zero Democrats are coming out against what they're doing. And I feel for those businesses, a lot of them have been minority businesses that have been destroyed and the livelihoods ave taken away. And it's time for business people, politicians, and local reps to stand up for law and order and stand behind police departments. If we're too scared to stand up for this country, for law and order, for freedom, then we don't deserve to be in office."