Fox News Radio's Guy Benson Unloaded on Senate Democrats for blocking GOP authored 'Justice Act' to reform police misconduct. Benson reacting to the blocking of the bill said, "The cynicism. Of this. It's just breathtaking." Benson also said

"The Democrats have made a decision, and Tim Scott earlier in the speech said the problem here is not what is being offered in the bill. The problem is who is offering it, namely a black Republican. If the Republican Party can help fix a problem and do things that the American people want and show that they are committed to help improve things and reform and God forbid, bad, bad Orangeman actually signs the bill that takes an issue away from the Democrats. So they have completely abandoned all of their demands of the last few weeks on a dime because all of a sudden they realize we can't share any credit with Republicans. This is too valuable. All this anger out there among black people and a lot of progressive white people. This is too valuable to us right now to waste on solutions. We need to use it and exploit it for the election. So we are going to block Tim Scott's bill from even being discussed, because the little story, the little narrative that Republicans are bad and racist and don't care and Democrats are good and not racist and do care. That is more valuable to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi than progress legislation or healing or unity. That is the dirty little secret. And they are counting, as Tim Scott says, on the media, to basically play along with a wink and a nod because the goal number one is power and Democrats winning elections and all this other stuff really isn't that important to them."

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