Brian Kilmeade, Host of The Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox News Radio, Co Host of Fox and Friends spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the Destruction Of Historical Monuments. Kilmeade sounded off by saying,

"Yeah, this this changed so much from George Floyd and trying to make progress since 1865, in 1960. That that fairly was. I would love that conversation on the radio for a couple of days. And then it became. Wait a second. You're just joining Fifth Avenue. Rodeo Drive. Wait a second. You're going after Columbus statues. Wait a second. You're pull down. You resisted, Brad. You just don't like the country. You don't make the country better. People protest. Want to make the country better. People who destroy things that represent the country with no agenda except for to use the opportunity to wear a mask which is mandatory to hide their identity as a take down America from the inside out. We would do or you would expect that the Russians invaded led by the Chinese. This is what they would do first. We're doing it to ourselves."

Listen To The Conversation Below: