On Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla, former Trump Deputy National Security Adviser KT McFarland explained why she thinks John Bolton's motive was for not testifying during President Trump's impeachment trial and why he may have been planning all along to write his book.

"He knew he would ultimately get fired sooner or later. Washington is a place that really does attract the venal and the vain and the arrogant and the ambitious, but John Bolton took a new standard for this. Because if he felt as strongly as he now tells us he did, that Donald Trump should not be president, that he was unfit, that he's a danger to the nation, a danger to the world, then one of two things, he should have quit while he was there and he should have gone out to the world and say, I just worked for that man. I don't think he's I don't think he's fit to be President. Now sit around and wait until he gets fired. But to take proactive action."

"When impeachment was going on, they wanted him to testify. And John gave these sort of flim-flam excuses about why he wasn't going to testify. Well, the real reason he wasn't going to testify, his book wasn't ready. He couldn't make a lot of money on book sales. And had he testified, it would have sort of undercut his ability to have a best-selling book for six months later because all the secrets would've been out. He would have had them all come out in testimony. So I think that not only did he do a whole lot of wrong things and his policies were a disaster for the last twenty years. But if he does have any integrity, he should have come out during impeachment and said it. But he wanted to have a big blockbuster book and make millions on it."