President Trump is back on the campaign trial, hosting his first rally in more than 100 days Saturday in Tulsa. Co-founder and President of Real Clear Politics, Tom Bevan discusses recent polls that show Joe Biden leading the President, what issues will have the largest impact on the 2020 race and why President Trump's rally had a disappointing crowd.

As restaurants across the country are slowly welcoming customers back following the coronavirus lockdowns, there have been some hiccups. Some dining establishments in Texas and elsewhere have closed voluntarily after some customers and staff got sick. Robert Irvine is the host of the Food Network's Restaurant Impossible and a restaurant owner himself. He discusses what many businesses are doing wrong and what they can do to help keep their diners safe as the world copes with Covid-19.

Suzanne Hadley Gosselin is the co-author of "Grit and Grace: Devotions for Warrior Moms" available on Amazon.