President Trump earlier this week signed an executive order intended incentive police departments to reform some of their use of force policies. The President used the signing ceremony to also highlight some of thing his administration has done to help the African American community.

Scott Turner is the Executive Director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council and he joined Fox New Rundown host Jessica Rosenthal earlier this week to discuss the President's executive order and other actions the White House has taken to address the concerns of black Americans.

The conversation with Turner was very long and went far beyond the issue of police reform. He also discussed other issues race-related issues currently being debated across the country including improving education and economic opportunities.

Turner, a former professional football player, also weighed in on the controversial issue of athletes kneeling during the national anthem and the President's firm stance against it.

We only included a small portion of our conversation with Scott Turner in our original segment. You can now hear all of it on today's Fox News Rundown Extra.