Josh Kraushaar, Politics Editor at National Journal & Fox News Radio Political Analyst spoke to Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the most competitive 2020 Senate Races are shaping up. Kraushaar called Susan Collins of Maine "The Key" to the political environment for republicans. Saying,

"If Susan Collins is one of the few Republicans who can actually run well ahead of President Trump and because she can kind of control her own destiny by being a more independent player and as I reported, some polls that show her ahead, she's actually gained momentum in the last few weeks if she wins in Maine. And Republicans can hold the seats that are in pretty deeply conservative territory, whether it's Iowa, Montana, Kansas, the red states on the map. McConnell keeps his majority. Susan Collins can win. And then the red state races stay in Republican hands. That's 51 seats for the Republicans. So Collins is really the key to the whole, you know, political environment."

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