The man at the forefront of finding a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic, is man of science AND faith. Dr. Francis Collins is the head of the National Institutes of Health which is racing to develop treatment options and a vaccine for the Coronavirus. He is also this year’s winner of the prestigious Templeton Prize, awarded to those making great strides in the area of science and faith. And Collins is in fact a walking embodiment that faith and science are a good team. He says while science has the tools to be able to dissect and observe the working of a cell or the age of the universe, it is not so good at answering questions that start with “why?” like “why am I here?” Dr. Collins is the author of several books including the best-seller¬†“The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for God. (2006)” He also led the team of the National Genome Project, that 20 years ago mapped out the human genetic code, a 3 billion letter DNA sequence living in each human cell. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith¬†podcast, Collins talks about the urgency of finding a vaccine for the Coronavirus, as a second wave of cases emerge and spike. But Collins has good news. He says, “We now have a number of those that look pretty promising” in early phase one trials with a small number of people, and “we’re ready to start in July, the large scale trials to find out whether these really are protective and safe.” And he says he would like to offer people hope about the pandemic: “God is still in charge. And we’re going to get through this.”