As protests continue across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death, growing calls to defund the police are getting a lot of support as well.

But there’s been debate all week what “defunding the police” actually means.

Earlier this week, The Fox News Rundown’s Jessica Rosenthal spoke to two guests with different perspectives on the movement to defund the police; co-host of “The Five” and Democratic Strategist Juan Williams and Kings County Sheriff and incoming President for California State Sheriffs Association David Robinson.

The conversation with both guests went long as they both addressed the history between the cops and the Africa-American community. Both men discussed police culture, training and the need for reforms from their unique points of view.

The original segment only included a small part of both conversations. Since these issues are so complex, we thought it was important for you to hear everything both Fox News’ Juan Williams and Kings County Sheriff David Robinson had to say on these matters on today’s Fox News Rundown Extra.