The death of George Floyd did not just spark worldwide protests. The debate over police reform and removing Confederate statues is reigniting amid civil unrest across the nation.

However, finding ways to both transform law enforcement policies and resolve disputes over controversial monuments creates some legal challenges.

On The Fox News Rundown this week, host Lisa Brady spoke with senior Fox News Legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano about some of the hurdles lawmakers and Americans may face trying to address these complicated and contentious issues.

Judge Napolitano broke down both existing and potential legal challenges and weighed in on the possible outcomes. He also weighed in on other potential legal matters including the liability risks the Trump Campaign may face if they choose to hold public rallies during a pandemic.

The interview was too long and we could not include all of it in our original segment. But the entire conversation was full of insightful analysis and perspective.

You can hear the whole discussion with Fox News' Judge Napolitano on this episode of the FOX News Rundown Extra.