On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, former Super Bowl Champion and GOP Candidate for Congress Burgess Owens criticized the efforts by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to change the NFL after the George Floyd protests.

“He’s clueless. He’s a guy who who never built anything in his life, he only cares more about his wealth. And therefore, he’s allowing his league, the NFL that has always brought us together, to divide us. He’s not standing up. He’s gonna do some things, I have a feeling, because he’s a leftist, he’s all about power. And this has always, always been and always will be, it’ll always be about November He’s actually doing more damage to my kids, than my racist generation, coming up down the road. The ones that are six or seven years old that sit on their helmet when the flag flies, because you’ve been told this was a place of racism. They’ve been told that wealthy, wealthy guys who have no clue because they’re not being trained and taught when they were growing up, that this is a place that you work hard, you treat people right. You look long term and respect folks, good things will happen.”