On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton discussed what should be done if Seattle protesters get their way and end the police department in the city, and what that could mean for other cities as well.

“If this ever plays out in a city in America, we’re going to see how destructive it is. Obviously, crime is going to go up massively. I think values of homes are going to go down. Businesses are going to close. Jobs are going to be lost. And I think it’s going be devastating to cities that decide that they don’t want to have a police force. It’s a remarkably bad idea because of a few problems that we obviously need to deal with. But this is not the answer.”

“I think if we saw that happen in the state of Texas, the way our government works, it was the states that created both the federal government and, in our case, the cities and counties, and so the city can lose its charter. So if if the city is not doing its job, if they’re not protecting citizens, they decide they’re not going to have a police force. I wouldn’t put it past the legislature to file a bill and say, OK, we’ll take it. We’re not going to let you make the people of our city or our state unsafe.”