On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) discussed why he thinks the call for police departments to be defunded are crazy and why there is a need for some soft of common sense criminal justice reforms.

"What happened to George Floyd is as wrong as wrong can be. It is a tragedy and people need to be held to account. There needs to be swift justice for his family and that is happening. Second, the vast, vast, vast majority of police officers are good people busting their tail, risking their lives every single shift they do to protect all of our communities. And they are heroes. Third, defunding the police is crazy, so those three, the American people get that. So let's start with those three fundamentals and now let's figure out what policies make sense on accountability and transparency to prevent these terrible things that have happened from happening again. That, to me, is common sense. That to me is where where the the American people are because the American people are people of common sense and goodwill. Let's figure it out. Let's move forward, not do some of the crazy stuff that we've been seeing."