AB Stoddard, associate editor and columnist at RealClearPolitic spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about Trump's Law & Order messaging, after attacks on police and riots around the country. Stoddard said that Trump is going to have to find a "Middle Space" to make inroads with voters he lost due to the unpopularity of his response to the pandemic and unrest in America. Stoddard also said,

"The president really likes everything to be in black and white and in very stark contrast, and he wants everything to be binary. And I think what he doesn't understand about this moment in the polling we've seen about policing and about these protests and about police brutality is that he's going to have to find a middle space where he can go to those voters he's lost. And I don't know that his law and order message will get back to seniors. He lost as a result of the pandemic, while not completely energizing voters of color and young voters for the Democrats."

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