Chris Wallace, Host of Fox News Sunday spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the May jobs report. Wallace called the report "Just A Stunner". President Trump on Friday took to the White House rose garden to communicate the good economic news to the media. Wallace said, "I Think That Was The Happiest I've Ever Seen Donald Trump." Wallace also said about the May report that,

"I mean, this was just a stunner. You know, we all we don't know. And we just read what the experts say. And everybody was projecting that we were going to see an increase up to about 20 percent unemployment, maybe a loss of eight million jobs. That would be the best we were going to get. And instead, we got an increase of two and a half million jobs and the unemployment rate went down from 14 points up into thirteen point three percent. Now, thirteen point three is a terrible number. Right. But when you think it's going to be 20, it actually doesn't seem so bad."

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