On Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla, Fox News' Juan Williams discussed how the violence taking place during the George Floyd protests are taking away from the message the peaceful protesters are trying to get across, to the point where agitators are taking advantage of the chaos.

"It's playing into the hands of people who are not about creating positive change here. You can see that there was an abuse taking place on the street in Minnesota. And at that point, you say, Juan and Jimmy don't necessarily come from the same political point. But guess what? On this one, they have agreement, they could build together on that agreement to achieve some change. But then you get the violent people coming on. And guess what? They destroy that unity. Suddenly, there's an argument and then you have people even exploiting the differences between Jimmy and Juan to say, I can politically benefit if there's a lot of resentment or grievances. I think the violence hurts the progressive cause here."