Ted Williams: Time For Curfews To Be Enforced Earlier In The Daytime

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor and former DC homicide detective Ted Williams described how law enforcement could prevent more rioting and destruction by strongly enforcing curfews earlier in the evening.

“It’s nothing that President Trump can do tonight to all stop the violence that we’ve seen in most recent nights. But the mayors and other local leaders can do a lot. Let me give you an example, the first thing they can do is to put a curfew in place during the daytime. You must understand at night be the demonstrators, the rioters, they have access to being able to escape from law enforcement law. The darkness is the enemy of law enforcement that are trying to do the right and proper thing. So the best thing to do is to put a curfew in place before it gets dark and go in and enforce the curfew. If you saw last night in Washington, D.C., it just brought broke my heart when I heard that the St. John Church, where just about every president has gone all just before the inauguration, was on fire and law and the all fire folks could not even get down there to that area. I found to be very troubling. Fires around the White House, these demonstrators shouldn’t even be able to get within a mile of the White House. That I found to be very troubling.”